2013 tournament sponsors

2013 tournament sponsors


Gear by PolytecSports

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Restringing available

with our Toalson 5800i Stringing Machine
Toalson 5800i Stringing Machine Features:
  • Electric constant pull tensioner (9 to 90 lb / 4 to 43 kg)
  • Digital Control Panel for +/- tension adjustment, 9 memory settings, lbs/kgs, pulling speed, pre-stretch, knot function and internal diagnostic check
  • Diamond coated, rotational string gripper
  • 6-Point Quick Mount support system
  • Slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with unique self-locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure
  • Quick Action Swivel Clamp Base
  • Strong, light-weight aluminum extrusion construction includes base with tool tray and drawers
  • 360 degree turntable rotation with locking brake
  • With floor stand
  • Lbs / Kgs convertible

Strings by Polyfibre

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polyfibre display board